The Benefits Of Bookoo


As a member of the Bookoo Travel Media, we will help you promote yourself as you promote others.  You will have the opportunity to get exclusive leads within the travel industry that apply to your blog, you will stay connected with other bloggers, authors and business owners that may be able to help you as a resource.  Our goal is to help you promote yourself in the industry as well as among other businesses that are related to the travel world!


MEMBERSHIP:   $100 / annually

The Benefits of Bookoo Travel Media:

Marketing You, Your Travel Blog and Your Brand

If you would like to promote your books, a webinar, a travel seminar, event or even just need want to update others in the industry about what’s happening with regard to recent promotion of your blog, we will make sure and help you get the word out to our every growing community.  This will include work through our newsletter, website and various social media platforms to help your marketing efforts.

Industry Leads

You need to be in front of the right people.  At Bookoo Travel Media, we give you any and all leads that we receive from press outlets.  In fact, it is our goal to make sure that you are always in the know when We make sure our members are on the front lines of requests that can further help build your audience, your blog and your brand.

Get On “The List”

It’s all about making sure you are on “The List.”  Membership with Bookoo Travel Media will automatically feature you on as a featured blogger as well as inclusion in our director of bloggers. If you would like to share your travel stories, products or experiences, you may submit them and if they are approved by our team of editors, they will be featured on our site and partner sites as well as on various social media platforms.

Is Your Blog Brand Worthy?

Travel is fun, but so is making money. Benefits of Bookoo Media Group include helping our members brand themselves, their blog and their business. So, our goal is to make sure all experiences become a real business. If you would like the expertise of our brand experts, just send along a request, and a member of our team will giv check out your logo, your blog, book and branding building material and send you any suggestions we may have.