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What Do Travelers and Their Travel Habits Mean For Your Brand?

The number of people traveling has changed. The places they go have changed. What they do when they are not traveling has changed. Bottom line, the travel industry reaches more high earners than ever before. Gone are the days that travel was just for the businessman. Now, travelers are the ones who are making the buying decisions in other ways when it comes to their households.  And, this demographic is not only worldly, but they are more willing to buy luxury items when they are both at home and away from home so they always enjoy their downtime.

It is quite possible your brand can be part of their lives both near and far and influence what they buy, what they eat, where they go and what they do when they are not traveling.

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  • Spending Traveler spending is responsible for more than $113 billion in tax revenues
  • Family Travelers make up 30-percent of U.S. adult leisure with either children or grandchildren
  • Gen X Travelers (those born from 1965-1980) makes up approximately 31 percent of all leisure travelers
  • Single Travelers make up over 15% of all US travelers annually
  • Tech Savvy Travelers 51% of business travelers use mobile devices to get travel information
  • Pet Owners People who travel often travel with pets. It’s estimated that 38-45% of US households currently own dogs