Why Choose Bookoo?

Bookoo Is Your Final Destination

The Bookoo Travel Media network is the future when it comes to travel media and connecting the world. We bring together top global brands with the travel-information seeking audiences they are looking for. We are comprised of a tightly connected group of like-minded influential travel and lifestyle bloggers.  There are people who live, eat and breathe the travel industry and experience all it has to offer.  Bookoo Travel Media is your answer to the influencers who will make your brand a true success.

What Travellers Want & How They Go The Distance To Make It Happen

  • No matter where it is found, our content is unique and ultra-important to your brand
  • Our travellers deliver their experiences to the world
  • Each of our affiliate bloggers has a following that care about what they have to say

Your Brand Is THEIR Brand

  • Our audience is vast and growing daily to ensure your brand is always in front of the influencers
  • We make sure that our affiliates are appropriate and educated about each campaign they take part in
  • Across the board, we have top access to our affiliates as well as their audiences both on their blogs and through their social media platforms
  • We make sure that our affiliates know your brand is their brand